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Thermal Comfort Is What You Are Looking For

No matter we are in summer or winter, our concern is to provide the right temperature for our surroundings. Because of the heat leakage in our buildings, it is not always easy to reach thermal comfort. Most of us spend a lot of energy and money to set the right temperature.

Save Energy, Save Future

When it comes to energy consumption or waste, a few problems such as global warming, depletion of fossil fuels, and staggering costs comes to people’s mind. This issue is crucial for many in several ways, so finding a solution to manage energy consumption is a decision the public should make.

Machine Vision

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3D Thermal Modeling

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Today, one of the most conventional practices to assess home’s energy efficiency is thermal imaging inspection, which is a powerful technique visualizing energy loss. Thermal imaging is carried out by scanning the building via cameras in infrared spectrum. These cameras convert the radiated heat from building elements surface to temperature.

Accompanied with the calculation of energy loss, thermal imaging provides a technically and economically feasible solution to the problem of thermal discomfort in the building. By using thermal imaging, we quantify the heat loss through the buildings surface.

We offer a mobile app that creates 3D thermal maps of the interior and exterior of a building in order to show thermal efficiency. The app detects air leakage and evaluates energy loss from weak insulation, component anomalies, cracks, and structural faults.

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Inspect With Confidence

As most countries have regulatory rules for energy management, a new industry has emerged to examine houses and commercial buildings to control energy consumption. Because of lack of expertise and inaccuracy of inspections, the industry has not yet been able to find its right place in the community.

Today, the tool that can enhance energy loss monitoring in the world is products that evaluate energy loss intelligently, quickly, and precisely by giving quantitative and reliable results, while there is no need for much expertise.

What makes us different?

SenThermo helps building owners save money by recognizing the amount of energy lost through each building component. Our product provides:

3D thermal display

It gives the user a comprehensive model of energy loss and makes it possible to observe, compare and examine the building components thermal efficiency in a single model

A quantitative evaluation of energy loss

It shows how much energy is wasted through each building element. Based on estimations, the user can decide which elements take higher priority to maintain, repair or change

Data collection and analysis

Our platform uses machine learning techniques to detect building elements and thermal anomalies, so it avoids human interventions.

SenThermo main features

  • Energy loss quantitative assessment
  • Comprehensive analysis by creating a 3D thermal map
  • Reducing human intervention by using Machine Learning
  • No need to trained specialists
  • Not limited to a specific hardware
  • Intelligent energy loss measurement for each building element

About SenThermo

Our mission at SenThermo is to provide cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions in order to take practical steps toward buildings decarbonization and Net Zero. Our product is an energy assessment platform that allows inspectors to evaluate the buildings energy loss. It provides a mobile app to create a thermal 3D model of the building. It also uses machine vision and infrared thermography techniques to recognize thermal anomalies and quantify them. The results demonstrate the insulation performance of each component of a building surface. This platform helps to improve the thermal efficiency of a structure and lower the energy cost.

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